603 Series Access Control Terminal

RF-ID Proximity Scanning Terminal

603 Series RF-ID Proximity Scanning TerminalThis door or area access control terminal uses RF-ID Technology to scan id cards within a 10cm range. It responds to cards from various manufacturer's that operate around the 125KHz frequency range. (For example EM, Sokymat, Temic etc). It can store details of 1200 card holders and access can be controlled on a zone by zone basis.

  • Compact and Stylish
  • Covers 1200 card holders
  • Buzzer + LED for good read
  • Read distance 10cm
  • 2 Relay O/P's for door latches
  • RS485 multidrop connection
  • Economical cost
  • Keypad for extra security
  • Small size 129x66x36mm
A number of these terminals connected back to either a local door control computer or back to a central computer gives the ability to monitor and control area access on a wide scale allowing the operators visibility of personnel movement around a facility. This aspect is particulaly useful should a fire break out, so that personnel locations can be reported to the fire service should rescue be neccessary. Keypad for extra security.
  • Electrical - 12V DC at 105mA max
  • Environment - -20 to 50 degree Celsius, 20% to 90% Humidity (non condensing)
  • Physical -
    Size - 129 x 66 x 36 mm
    Weight - 284 g
    Material - Silver/Grey FRP
  • Interface - 2 Relay Outputs, 2 Photo-couple Inputs, RS232 or RS485 for programming and external comms connection
  • Memory - 32Kb FLASH Memory
  • Reader - Proximity RF-ID Reader at 125KHz frequency
  • Indicators -
    Power LED (Red)
    Good Read LED(Green)