869MHz Fixed RF-ID Readers

MPR9320The MP9320 UHF Long-Range Reader provides unparalled flexibility, the MP9320 supports a variety of UHF tag protocols and provides the best defense against future obsolescence.

With RF connections for up to four antennas, the MP9320 easily adapts to loading dock and portal installations for aggregated container tracking, pallet tracking, and inventory management.
Incorporating robust, scalable architecture, the MP9320 is upgradeable to new, emerging protocols and standards. The first release of the product supports the ISO 18000-6A and -6B protocols, along with the EM Marin 4022 and 4222 devices.

MPR2010The MPR2010 UHF RFID readers can decode BiStar™, Dura-Label™, ePC™ and ISO 18000™ Types A and B protocols.
This true multi-protocol capability ensures that any investment you make in this equipment will give you a migration path for emerging industry standards.

The MPR-2010 is an integrated reader that combines the functions of transmitter, receiver and antenna in a single 8 x 9.5 x 1.25 inch package. It is designed for Indoor or Outdoor use and comes with a circular polarised antenna to ensure capturing tags at random orientations.