Tag-it™ RFID Smart Label Transponder
Tag-It RFID Smart Label Transponder Tags

Designed for industries that need quickly and accurately to identify and track millions of objects these ultra-thin, RF-ID smart labels can help automate automatic identification systems across a range of industries such as airline baggage identification and passenger matching, overnight package and delivery services and the transportation of secure products by preventing counterfeiting and tampering.

Tag-itT provides the first rfid programmable and updateable transponder that can be laminated between layers of paper or plastic to product inexpensive consumable stickers, labels, tickets or documents.

Tag-it RFID  Smart  Label Transponder TagsThese new RF_ID transponders feature read/write updating 'on the fly' so that information from shipping dates and baggage loading times to product quality checks can be updated instantaneously and automatically.

Tag-it T can even simultaneously identify and track multiple items such as packages overlapped on a conveyor or several products inside a sealed carton.

Tag-itT smart RF-ID labels can be read in random orientations as well as in groups so they do not need special handling like a barcode label does.