Gemplus GemWave™ Series

13.56MHz Tag Products
Gemimi TagsThe read range of these tags is up to 25cm (10 inches) using unlicensed 13.56MHz Medio P11 scanner with one fixed 25 cm antenna and an increased read range of up to 40cm (16 inches) with a Medio P11 40cm antenna.

The tag chip operates at the unlicenced 13.56Mhz frequency range. With up to a 2kbit memory you are able to read, write, rewrite, or permanently lock individual bytes and with byte boundary memory addressing the tag memory is addressed on 8-bit boundaries for read and write operations.

The tags can be custom mounted onto different substrates to produce different application configurations, these mounted tags have been produced by Gemplus for use in laundry application areas.

Packaged GemWave™ chips and tags are offered for integration into RFID solutions requiring read range, multitag sort, read/write, and memory capacity not provided by the lower frequency proximity technology.

Gemini TagsThe anticollision protocol features built into these tags allow you scan multiple tags per second in a given RF field regardless of the number of tags in the read zone, enabling you to select tag groups by user-defined criteria for more efficient operation.

Tag memory of upto 2k Bits can be factory or field programmed and optionally permanently locked; bytes left unlocked can be rewritten over and over upto 100,000 times. The data durability at 22 deg C is 10 years.