TIRIS RF-ID Tag Styles

Various packaging and functions available
These style of tags operate in the low frequency range around 134kHz and are available in different package styles and with different functional characteristics depending on the applications requirements.

RO Read Only, the transponder is factory programmed with a unique 64 bit number that cannot be overwritten.

R/W Read/Write, the transponder can be re-programmed by the user as often as required. 80 bit wide data can be programmed into the transponder.

MPT Multipage Transponder, a read/write device with 1360 bits of user programmable memory. The memory is organised into 17 pages each of 80 bits.

SAMPT Selective Addressable Multipage Transponder, similar to MPT except that the first page contains an address data field with a width of 24 or 32 bits. The user programmable selective address can be applied to read a single transponder in a group of transponders.

SAMPTS Selective Addressable Multipage Transponder (Secured), similar to the SAMPT except that the selective address must be known by the user to access the SAMPTS.

Glass Capsule Series
Glass Capsule Series
Small size, high robustness 100% waterproof used under extreme environmental conditions.
Read range upto 100cm for 3.85mm x 32mm tag
Read range upto 60cm for 3.85mm x 23mm tag

Compact Wedge
Compact Wedge
Plastic encapsulation, very compact Robust, notch for secondary packaging.
Read range upto 20cm Size 12mm x 6mm x 3mm

Bulkhead Style
Bulkhead Style
Designed for mounting on metal surfaces suitable for rugged outdoor environments
Read range upto 120cm
Size 102mm x 36mm x16mm

Vehicle Style
Vehicle Style
Durable tag with enhanced read range, packaged to withstand harsh environments to allow it to be attached by means of non-metallic posts to trucks and containers.
Read range upto 200cm
Size 121mm x 21mm