2510 Fixed Installation Reader

Portal or production line mounting
The Series 2510 Portal RF-ID reader/writer system is a rack mounting computer providing close proximity scanning of Radio Frequency Identification Tags for the automatic capture of information.
2510 Fixed Installation Reader
  • Compact and easy to mount
  • Excellent First time read/write rate
  • Economical on Power
  • Reading distance to 2.0 metres (Depends on TAG type & Orientation)
  • Easy to Program & Interface
The S2510 is a fixed installation RF-ID Reader/Writer designed for applications such as Asset Tracking, Work in Progress, Production Control and Tote Bin Tracking.

The S2510 along with a suitable fixed aerial installation has an excellent first time read rate, even in electrically noisy and harsh condition areas, making it suitable for use in environments where dust and dirt would eventually obscure a paper Barcode label.

The S2510 accepts an industry standard supply voltage of up to 24V, which means an easy sourcing of power.

The Dynamic Auto Tuning (DAT) feature automatically tunes a standard antenna to resonance without interaction from the installing technician, and keeps the antenna tuned during operation. See our Tag Styles page for more information on tags

  • Processor - Includes standard TIRIS firmware that can be customised for application specific uses.
  • Internal RAM - 32kb
  • Internal ROM - 64kb masked ROM + other built in S/W
  • Power - DC Supply upto 24V
  • Reader - Texas Instruments TIRIS Reader/Writer
  • Read Distance - Upto 2.0 metres (Depends on TAG type and orientation)
  • Data Interfaces - RS232 & RS422/485